We are a group of friends that have a common goal - make a unique games that will bring fun and joy to players. For now we are small indie team, but dedicated and with passion.

Our team:

Kevin Sienkiewicz

Technical leader

Bartosz Gardziejewski

Technical leader

Robert Sienkiewicz

3D Artist

Igor Niepołoński

3D Artist, Sound programmer

Justyna Zdanowicz

3D Artist

Ireneusz Krawczyk

Web Developer

Adrianna Kaim

3D Artist, Narrative designer

Hubert Walkowski


Defend the King

Mixture of ‘tower defense’ and ‘hack and slash’ genre that takes place in a European Middle Ages world. Take the role of castle defender, lead soldiers and defend the king from rebellious subjects, the enemies of king order.

The player controls the leader of soldiers defending the castle. He is able to fight, to give the soldiers orders and to plan preparations for the next waves. The camera is located above the player in top-down perspective. This allows easy switching between fight mode and command mode. Gameplay will consist of two phases:

  • fending off attackers
  • planning how to use time and resources between waves. The game will end when the controlled leader or king gets killed. In that case the player will see his statistics and will be able to restart the game. Those elements will be unlocked during the game for accomplishing different challenges, like “survive for 10 waves”, “survive a wave without losing any soldier” etc. In the future we are planning to give the player the possibility to play also as a leader of rebellious subjects.

Check out the screenshots straight from the game.